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Children and Learning

The Children and Learning Committee oversees the educational needs of all pupils.  The committee meets each half term to plan actions and receive feedback on tasks before reporting progress to the Full Governing Body each term.  Our responsibilities include contributing to the planning and monitoring of the targets within the School Improvement Plan for this academic year. 

Duties involve reviewing the curriculum and other related school policies.  This ensures procedures are in place to comply with current government legislation in areas such as equalities and attendance.  One of the statutory responsibilities is to monitor the impact of certain targeted funding such as the Pupil Premium and PE Grant. The committee is also required to monitor and analyse school performance data in relation to pupils’ progress and attainment.   In particular this year we will look closely at English and Mathematics; Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) provision and changes in the New Curriculum within the school as part of our monitoring role.

An important activity that the committee members particularly enjoy is visiting classrooms to engage with pupils and see the learning in action!  Last year we looked at REspect week which gave insight into how the Christian ethos is demonstrated in the school’s broad and innovative curriculum.   “Stunning Starts” and participation in the “Careers Day,” at the end of the summer term, were other focuses which allowed the committee to see how the children are motivated and engaged by their learning.