Long-Term Curriculum 

Our captivating curriculum runs over a two year rolling cycle. 

Joint year groups plan the curriculum together for each cycle.

We call each term's learning a learning journey, where we link subjects and topics by themes to make learning memorable and engaging for children.

The links below will give you an idea of the each learning journey and the topics covered in each cycle across a year.

Our curriculum newsletters will give you a more detailed idea of learning that will take place each term. 

Curriculum Cycles 

Reception   - Reception Captivating Curriculum 

Year 1 & 2  - Year 1/2 Captivating Curriculum Cycle A; 

Captivating Curriculum Cycle B 

Year 3 & 4  - Year 3/4 Captivating Curriculum Cycle A;

Captivating Curriculum Cycle B

Year 5 & 6  - Year 5/6 Captivating Curriculum Cycle A; 

Captivating Curriculum Cycle B