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All Saints CE Primary School Curriculum Statement 

The curriculum is all the planned activities organised in school which promote learning and personal growth and development. It includes not only the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (revised for September 2014), but also the key skills and experiences that the school believes are at the heart of a good education for primary age children. 

Our Curriculum is built around achieving the vision

‘Learning to embrace the future’ 

We have developed a rich and vibrant Captivating Curriculum that is…

  • Motivating and inspiring

Stunning starts, fabulous finishes, the outdoor classroom, rich resources, trips and visitors are all used to bring the curriculum to life

  • Exciting and enjoyable
    Children learn best when they are engaged in their learning,having fun and are part of a collaborative learning community
  • Inter-linked
    Subjects are linked within the topic themes, providing a sense of purpose, so that children learn how subjects combine in the real world
  • Diverse 
    We are all individual; we all learn in different ways and deserve learning tailored to our individual strengths and needs
  • Deep                                                                                                                                           A broad range of activities immerse children in areas of learning and memorable experiences ensure that children embed knowledge and skills
  • Progressive
    Knowledge and skills are developed through exciting opportunities which meet everyone's needs and build skills for lifelong learning
  • Full of opportunity

    Children explore, investigate, and are able to follow their personal interests, supported by a range of resources and technology

  • Underpinned by key learning skills
    Independence,communication and collaboration are actively encouraged and guide learners in developing skills for life
  • Outstanding at celebrating success and achievement
    Children are encouraged to share what they have learned in a purposeful way with a range of audiences